Past Events

Forest Bathing

Reconnecting with your inner core

With Anne Dailey LCSW

From time immemorial people have gone to Nature to replenish themselves, to find answers to profound questions, to connect with the wisdom of the trees, the waters, and the earth.

Lately, scientists in Japan have the discovered the impact of being in nature on the nervous system and on brain function. They have found that being in nature can restore our mood, give us back our energy and vitality, refresh and rejuvenate us. Studies show that forest bathing reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and anger.

Blending Shamanism & Psychotherapy

a powerful model for healing

With Itzhak Beery

Women's Re-Treat

May 27 - 31, 2016 | Aguada, PR

Relax Renew Refresh Reconnect

We have designed a time to drop out of time, to do no-thing. Our intention is to create a space for us to relax, renew, retreat, reconnect & refresh.

There will be time to sleep, shamanic journeys, meditations, strolls on the beach, cooking, talking circles and healing practices.

We are only taking 6 women

We hope you can come create sacred healing time with us

Fee: $850 for single room $700 for double room
Includes everything except airfare – airport: aguadilla/ bnq

For information/registration

Monique: – 917 816 2789_

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Sedona Week of Deepening & Transformation

Join us in this amazing journey | MAY 21 - 28, 2015


During this sacred time we invite you to connect with your heart and to release any blocks that prevent you from living as the amazing being that you are.

Weaving together Ancient Shamanic practices of journeying, Mindfulness practice, and Talking Circle, we prepare to take this journey into Ancient Sacred Ground.

We invite you to simply BE, to journey inward and connect with Nature and with Spirit. This Quest offers you unfettered time to get in touch with your deepest knowing, to hear your heart’s song and to connect with your passion and your wisdom.

We gather in Sedona early on Saturday morning May 23 to hike into Secret Canyon, a place still Sacred to the original Indians who live there.

We will spend the afternoon settling in, participating in Ceremony.

On Sunday and Monday we prepare for our solo time: we make masks, find our solo spots, set our intentions, connect with our inner desires for this time, play and participate in ceremonies.

Tuesday we each leave to settle into our Solo spot to spend the time in quiet and in contemplation.

Following Solo time, on Thursday, we welcome each other back into community. We relax, feast and decorate our masks.

Friday, we hold a Talking Circle in which each person is witnessed and celebrated as her/his journey is told anchoring and deepening each person’s and the group’s experience. Time permitting we also go explore a sacred peak in the area.

Saturday we bid farewell to our hosting spot and return to Sedona from where you can depart back home.

Monique Lang
917 816 2789

Jacques Burgering

Fee $1500- Includes workshop fee, food and transportation from Sedona to the Canyon.

My Work

“My goal is to help the people I work with become their clear, loving, authentic, creative, fearless Self. To shed the masks acquired for survival from turbulent, arid or hostile environments and to release the projections of who/what others want them to be.”

The New York Open Center
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

This program combines shamanism and Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapy to help you recognize your obstacles and foster a new relationship with them. Bringing in new energy and understanding to improve creativity and achieve your soul potential, You will learn:

  • Shamanic techniques to meet your power animal and other spirit guides
  • How to work with the IFS psychotherapy system
  • Ways to connect with your gatekeeper and understand how it came to be. With these tools, you can supersede the beliefs your gatekeeper perpetuated with a new, affirmative narrative.

With these tools, you can supersede the beliefs your gatekeeper perpetuated with a new, affirmative narrative.