Workshop Testimonials

“Monique and Kate are wonderful mentors, tour guides, and bodhisattvas. We had an amazing, life changing experience in their care.  I trust them and would recommend this healing, transformative adventure to those women I most love.”

- Lucy

“I already .miss each of you very much!! I almost feel like I was in a dream! such a big contrast to the busy life here back home in the desert. i’m looking forward to seeing some of the pictures to help reinforce my lovely memories…. I have so much gratefulness for all the contributions each of you have made to my life.”

- KP

“I am trying to hold on/stay connected to all the healing and feeling of peace I came home with…I do notice I feel less reactive and more clear on what I’m willing to do through these decisions filled times… less people pleasing.”

- JB

“This journey into our inner realms and wounds opening doors in many ways unique to each one of us leading us to a greater richer life and love is a gift – – – would not have been possible without Kate’s visionary calling partnered by Monique to take us to Ecuador – – wow !!! demanding intense magical and beautiful accompanied by all of us holding space for one another – – what a choice! Thank you to each one for your support and heart touching and fierce love almost inexpressible in words.! Such a bonded team including the team of Shamans and Shamamas, wild primal beauties and their teams. Gratitude to Juan Carlos (our guide) and his family and for our driver easing the journey on wheels and attending to our whims and needs with immediacy and such grace. Gratitude, gratitude.”

- Z

“I feel myself vibrating at a high vibration (yes!) but also lapsing into some familiar old patterns. I’m noticing more… and am grateful for what was illuminated by our journey. Thank you all for your grace… I’m so grateful for our sacred time together.”

- YB

“I feel more open and slower. Events are not as triggering. I am moving through my life with different eyes.”

- BJ

“This was huge shift for me. It will take a long time for me to integrate it all. But I feel changed in ways that I cannot articulate but which feel very real.”

- EJ

“I’m moving through things with more ease and quiet confidence that doesn’t involve other people’s approval. It’s tremendous.”

- KF

Women's Retreat:

Relax, Renew, Refresh, Reconnect (Puerto Rico)

“This very simple workshop allowed me to get in touch with a part of myself I felt was lost.”

- HC

“After feeling anxious about the lack of structure, I found that I could once again connect to what I need. The masking and the ceremonies gave me a deepening of knowing about the things that really matter to me.”

- LL

“Space and quiet… what a luxury in my work focused hectic life. A real reboost. Thank you for the quiet.”

- HM

Blending Shamanism & Psychotherapy:

A model for healing With Itzhak Beery

“This was the best experience I had in my long practice of shamanism: alive, joyful, deep, unconventional and meaningful. They guided me with wisdom and love towards myself.”

- Michaela

“Monique and Itzhak have wonderfully complementary natures as they bring diverse perspectives to the same essential subject matter. The humor and personal stories they offer make them a delight to learn from and work with. They are encouraging of everyone’s experience and development.”

- AB

“I was able to connect and heal parts of myself that I had not been able to access in all my years of therapy. I feel lighter and free.”

- CY

“I was finally able to work through my birth trauma and the sense of not being wanted as an adoptee. Thank you for the healing work.”

- Kathy

“I played and laughed and cried and danced and reconnected with those parts that year to be free.”

- MM

Soul Reflections

“This was much more profound than I expected. I found a strength in myself I did not realize I had.”

- MK

“A loving gentle way of connecting to deeper parts of myself.”

- DF

“I felt connected to my guides in a very deep comforting way.”

- JL

“An excellent program for self-discovery.”

- Sheila

“Participating in one of Monique’s workshop was a joy! Monique created an environment that was educational, playful, spirited and engaging. Her intuitive and unique style had me immediately connecting with myself and then with other members. I left knowing that I had grown both personally and professionally. I can’t wait for the next one!”

- Linda

“I was surprised by the depth of insight I received in what seemed at first to be such a simple workshop. Thank you.”

- AB

“I found myself transported to a time in my childhood when I ‘knew’. Now I can know again.”

- DB

“I thought the journeying, movement, the gazing and the mandala art work was a wonderful combination and it really revved up my creative fires! I also felt by the last gazing at the mirror that I was very relaxed and calm in a way I have not been in a long time.”

- AK

Sedona Week of Deepening and Vision Quest

“The “vision quest” was beyond any expectations. The desert was blooming, and that was a great metaphor for the journey we went: we came out blooming. I have never felt as clear, peaceful and strong as after our three day solo. You created a safe haven for all of us, which created the base for an enormous intimacy with you and the other participants, something I still cherish and experience today. These days in the desert really got me ten steps closer to being myself and living my destiny! Each step, each day was a ritual, a ceremony, of celebrating nature, each other and ourselves! Live, love, joy, generosity and abundance! Thank you again for the love and wisdom you shared!”

- JB

“Doing a vision quest with Monique Lang was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. By being along in nature for almost 3 days without food or distractions, I had to rely on my own inner resources to confront any soul struggle that emerged. This was extremely empowering because I learned that I am far more capable than I realized. Being with Monique before and after the quest further encouraged my healing. I felt comfortable exposing my most vulnerable parts of myself to her, and she could intuitively connect with me in a way where I felt seen. She in empathic and wise and helped me set intentions beforehand and afterward, helped me integrate the lessons I gained from my vision quest. Also, sharing this experience with my fellow quest-ers, who felt like kindred spirits, created a unique bonding between us that I will never forget. I would do this again in a heartbeat.”

- Jennie C.

“Thank you thank you thank for taking me on this Vision Quest! For your loving guidance, your open hearted spirit, and everything else you shared with us. This was and is an amazing experience. Am so grateful!”

- BJ

“Monique I would like to thank you for giving me  the opportunity to come with you to Sedona and Sacred Canyon! This experience changed my life! I feel much more grounded and connected to our beautiful Earth.Being there  felt like coming back home  and to walk on the Sacred Red Rocks was absolutely magical. The whole trip was well organized! The food was nourishing and well prepared. I’m so happy that I had the courage to leave everything behind for a week and take time to be with myself ,nature and beautiful people. I will definitely repeat it again.”

- Kasha

“Participating in one of Monique’s workshops was a joy! Monique created an environment that was educational, playful, spirited and engaging. Her intuitive and unique style had me immediately connecting with myself and then with other workshop members. I left knowing that I had grown both personally and professionally. I can’t wait for the next!”

- Linda

Client Testimonials

“It’s always so wonderful to talk with you. Your energy and presence is so deeply grounding and my head clears and life makes sense and feels safe again.”

- Sue A

“I have been a client of Monique Lang’s for about a year. Through my work with Monique I have gained a significant amount of clarity surrounding who I am and what I truly want from life. I don’t believe I could have gotten this far this quickly with another guide. This work we have done has improved my life tremendously. The entire experience has been and continues to be a blessing. Thanks Monique, for everything.”

- Stacie J

“Deeply present and empathic, Monique has the authentic and highly developed skills to facilitate exploration of core issues that bring one into contact with growth experiences that open the doors to real change. She has been a true guide on my journey.”

- CW

“When I work with Monique Lang, I feel she attunes to all the different parts of me as they emerge: my spirit, my inner child, my higher self, etc. She is able to understand my conflicts intuitively on a deeper level without needing much information. I feel seen when I am with her. Also, she has a killer sense of humor.”

- SA

Supervision Testimonials

“Monique provides a safe, supportive, and encouraging supervision atmosphere. She offers a unique perspective and always manages to point me in the right direction.”

- Denise Clay LCSW

“Monique provides a rare and valuable mix of the solid and pragmatic together with deep spiritual and esoteric insight. The playful and generous style of her relationship with her supervisees creates a trusting environment for open exploration in supervision, and provides a beautiful model to emulate with clients.”


“It’s difficult to put into words what is expressed through Monique’s constant, empathic nurturance, guidance, and wisdom. She has supported me in both professional and personal endeavors, seeing me through tough patches and triumphs, always doing by *being.* Her knowledge is understated but profound, her humor a delight, her life experience an inspiration. I owe her very much but I know she will never collect the debt; instead, she would encourage me to pay it forward.”

- Heather Herz, LCSW

“Through Monique’s warm, wise guidance I have been able to grow as an individual and a clinician in ways I never imagined possible. Her unique style, experience and wisdom helped me learn how to approach this deep work in a brand new way.”

- Katrina A. LCSW

“Monique has always been warm, empathic and helpful as a supervisor. Her unswerving commitment to the learning process along with her ability to bring out my innate skills created an environment that is both safe and challenging, allowing me to flourish as a new professional therapist. In the often emotionally intense trauma training process at ICP, her steadfast and dedicated teaching and supervision anchored the learning process with a wealth of clinical experience and theoretical expertise. She has been a most important teacher and guide.”


Article by Nell Derick Debevoise

FORBES December 2018

One of my highlights of 2018 was a two-week journey in Ecuador to work with a variety of spiritual leaders in the presence of some of the world’s greatest eco-diversity and natural beauty. The wisdom, hospitality, and ease of the people I had the chance to meet is still vivid in my head and heart, four months after returning to ‘normal’ life in Manhattan. The urban ‘jungle’ that I call home is a far cry from the clearing in the Amazon rainforest to which we hiked 15 minutes to camp with one Shaman family that hosted us.

Nonetheless, as I’ve worked to integrate the learnings of the trip into daily life, I’ve realized how directly some Shaman wisdom can inform leadership, here in the Big Apple as much as in an Amazonian ritual. In the interest of paying forward some of the insights from this life-changing trip, here are nine take-aways for leaders from the Shamans I was blessed to know in Ecuador. And a quick reminder that we are all leaders! Whether it’s your family, yourself, a sports team, an entire company, your board, a friend group, or otherwise, you are – at least on some days in some moments of your life – a leader. So yes, I’m talking to you.

  1. Ritual is important. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, culturally or historically grounded, or even serious. But having routines to start your day, call a meeting to order, celebrate a win at home or work, begin a meal, or otherwise, is a valuable way to ensure that the moments of our lives don’t fly by unnoticed.  Some of my favorite rituals, depending on the occasion, are a moment of closed eye deep breathing, a round of one-word check-ins for a group, and a solo dance party to a random selection of three songs.

  2. Repeat things. A lot. In simple language.  Whatever you’re a leader of, it’s easy to forget that you know more about it than most of the people you’re leading. So it’s your job to clearly and continuously remind them of your shared goal so that they can contribute their respective roles. Partially because of the dual translation from Quichua to Spanish to English, the Shamans were forced to speak simply, and it was powerful.

  3. Play your role and guide others to do theirs, and then let them do it. Even the most inclusive or democratic leaders have a unique role to do on a team of setting the direction and tone. It doesn’t help anyone to give up that role, nor does it help anyone for you to try to do other people’s roles. Do you, make it clear what you need others to do, and then you can all get on with it.

  4. Prey for help and strength to do your job. These prayers don’t have to be religious, but no one has every accomplished anything of worth by herself. So ask for what you need – clearly and often.

  5. Gush love, be firm. The Shamans we met radiated love: love for the rainforest around us, for their ancestors, for us as curious visitors, and a palpable love of life with all its mysteries. That said, they were firm in their instructions during our time together and for the follow-up required to make the most of their work. We’ve let fear triumph over love in far too many of our institutions today, partially out of fear that love is incompatible with rules or structure.  Take the Shaman way: use love with clear and healthy boundaries.

  6. Use your power transparently. Tell others its source and intended use. The Shamans talked regularly about what they had learned from ancestors, nature, and peers from around the world. They addressed these learnings as the source of their power, and their intent to use that power to help each of us with the challenges we had come with. Every human interaction is characterized by power differentials – often several of them. Transparency about that power and its sources and uses make it more difficult for anyone to abuse her power.

  7. There is always a place for fun. Even century-old rituals addressing the necessary but dark elements of healing don’t have to be stoic. There was time for giggles, light-hearted dancing, beautifully set tables, and joke-telling throughout our days with the Shamans.

  8. Everyone – including you – needs help. Find professionals who can provide what you need. The Shamans supported each other throughout the ceremonies we were part of. While they were each magnificently powerful leaders in their own right, on more than one occasion we saw a Shaman request assistance from another. None of us is infallible – be sure that you have the support and guidance you need to do the difficult work of leading your team.

  9. Collaboration makes work easy. Reviewing #3, we remember that nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished alone. When you identify your role and the roles you need others around you to play, not only do great things become possible, they become easier and fun. So find the allies and supporters you need this year, and get to it!

Drawn entirely with leaves and berries by one of the Shamans.NELL DERICK DEBEVOISE
If you have the chance to experience the wise and generous love of an authentic Amazonian Shaman, I highly recommend it. In the meantime, keep these tips in mind as you head into 2019 – we could all use a more soulful flavor of leadership this year.


My Work

“My goal is to help the people I work with become their clear, loving, authentic, creative, fearless Self. To shed the masks acquired for survival from turbulent, arid or hostile environments and to release the projections of who/what others want them to be.”