Ancient Wisdom, Ancestral Healing  & IFS therapy

A series of 5 live ‘online workshops with unlimited access to recordings. 

October 19, 23, November 2, 9, 16, 2023


Unique Ceremonies

Guided Meditations

Sharing in small groups 

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Healing Through Generations [LP]

Tatiana Dávila, Daphne Fatter PhD, Monique Lang LCSW


Join us on an 8-day adventure to the beautiful Island of the Gods and embark on a personal journey of self discovery with ancient healing modalities, IFS Therapy, Breathwork, Unattached Burdens work and more.

Guided by Monique Lang LCSW, an IFS therapist

For Information and Registration go to https://lifearchitect.com/ancient-wisdom-retreat-in-bali/

Earth Based Psychotherapy Training


Kripalu Center forYoga and Health. In Person 

with Monique Lang, LCSW & Leslie Baker, LCSW

January 21-26, 2024

For more information contact moniquelanglcsw@gmail.com

For thousands of years, cultures across the world have utilized earth-based practices for healing. These rituals have a deep connection with the earth and are guided by powerful forces. These practices utilize the healing attributes of the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire.

Come explore and practice how to weave these ancient practices with modern psychotherapy techniques, particularly Internal Family Systems. In this immersive on campus program, you will learn and practice how to utilize these practices to heal depression, trauma, anxiety, and everyday disease. Through lectures, discussions, and exercises, you will learn:

– The basics of Internal Family Systems 

– The properties of earth, water, fire, and air and how they can be used for healing 

– How to connect with your personal guides, helpers, angels, and/or power animals 

– How to become aware of Legacy Burdens (also known as trans-generational transmission of trauma) and how those inform your beliefs and decisions 

– How to recognize whether your beliefs and decisions may be a carryover from past lives 

– How to release any negativity that you carry.

Whether you are a clinician, coach, or simply someone seeking tools for a happier and freer way of being in the world, take home several practices and tools for embodying a new way of living.


Regardless of your chosen framework of psychotherapy, this training will provide you with a basic competency in several earth-based practices that can be woven into the model(s) you presently use. These can be used for any emotional issue: Depression, trauma, anxiety, anger/resentment, fear, self worth or to enhance your positive aspects such as resilience, courage, determination, humor, creativity.


These concrete and embodied rituals can be integrated with the mentalizing focus of modern psychotherapy. The course explores practical methods for bringing these modern psychotherapy and ancient healing practices together.

For example you will learn how to use the four elements. Note that all elements possess properties that can be used for letting go and bringing in.

Earth: Grounding, releasing old patterns, burying and bringing strength and power back into your body/mind. For example, Mary, had a miscarriage 35 years ago and feeling that there had never been closure. No funeral. No wake. No remembrance. As if it had never happened. We conceived of a burial. She bought a few items that, to her, represented the loss of this child. Then we went to the woods, dug a hole, lit a candle and she buried those items. After that she planted a couple of seeds so that flowers would grow in that spot.


Water: The element of water is used for cleansing, letting go, releasing, bringing in flow. For example offering a bath to a client who has been physically abused removes the negative energy from the impact from their body memory, washing away beliefs that no longer serve. Then offering another bath to bring back the purity and beauty of their being.


Fire: Fire destroys and activates. Using this element is excellent for burning away negative beliefs and ideas and also for bringing in passion, courage, energy. For example, burning old letters or pictures from a past relationship. Lighting a fire to feel its power and energy and bringing that energy to help you move forward.

Air: Air is the energy of the mind – of thoughts, of inspiration. We use the energy of air to send thoughts/beliefs out into the ether. For example taking feathers and imbuing them with what you want to let go of on it, and letting it flow into the air. One of my clients would go out in the wind and ask that any heavy negative energy be cleared from his mind as he exhaled deeply. We also use the energy of air to bring in fresh energy into our bodies by deep breathing or breathing the scent of a flower or tree etc.


Note: This program will be offered online. Sessions of all our online programs will be recorded and shared with registrants after each is completed for 90 days.



How to connect with the 4 elements to help clients release old trauma.

How to connect with the beliefs and decisions that you have received from your lineage (ancestors) and how to shed those that don’t serve you.

How to bridge the narrative aspect of psychotherapy with the embodied experience of the release or the invitation to a new way of viewing yourself.

How to recognize and release when a believe is based on a past life event and not necessary/valuable in this life.

How to move from thinking to embodying/implementing practices.

How to connect with guides, helpers, angels, power animals etc. as support in the therapeutic proc


Past Participants Comments

The course opens us to a simple, intuitive approach to therapy that draws on thousands of years of indigenous experience.  It offers seemingly simple ways to bring all the talk of therapy, and even the emotional work of somatic therapy, into a co-created physical ceremony with surprising power for the client.  The results I’ve had are striking, mysterious, and very healing. John M., Retreat Facilitator and Coach,  Port Clyde, Maine

I truly appreciated the opportunity to learn and share practices that expand well-being possibilities for our clients.  Monique is knowledgeable and grounded in classic psychotherapy as well as in indigenous  ceremonial practices.  Her wisdom is a gift and she is a wonderful person to learn from.  The combination of didactic, discussion and experiential was just right for me. Lisa T. LMFT, Syracuse, N.Y.

It has been so fun and interesting learning how to incorporate shamanic wisdom and practices into psychotherapy. I feel equipped with the tools to provide my clients with real healing. Cina Hoey CSW, Long Island, N.Y.

This class is fantastic!!!  Monique Lang is such an excellent guide, and this class has brought the way I support clients to the next level along their healing journey. Suzy Z. LPCC, LMHC, NCC, Los Angeles, C.A.

Monique is a wealth of knowledge in Shamanic Psychotherapy! She did a beautiful job in teaching us how to use this with clients and providing opportunities for us to witness what the application would look like in a counseling session. K.B., LMFT

I throughly enjoyed this course and gained a lot of new tools for expanding my abilities to reach deeper healing possibilities with clients. An added bonus was learning how to incorporate these practices for enhancing my own growth and healing. Many thanks to Monique for being such a wonderful guide and teacher. A.B., LMFT   

Monique eloquently shared her wisdom and the breadth of her experience in a wonderful training.  As a result of her training, I have been able to help some challenging clients of mine to heal in a deeper way.  Utilizing technique, intuition and concrete ceremonies, my clients reported a deeper healing experience.  Thank you Monique! Beth J, LMSW, PRYT

“Monique’s workshop on Shamanic Psychotherapy was affirming, inspiring, and informative. The approach affirmed the narrative elements and tools I use in my work as an expressive psychotherapist, and, after even just a few sessions, I could already incorporate some of these concepts with my clients. Thank you!” J.F., MFA, MA, LMHC

The Shamanic Psychotherapy Series with Monique provided me with a wealth of information in a hands on and experiential format. I learned how to simply yet intuitively incorporate shamanic work in my therapeutic practice. The class has inspired me to use these practices in my daily life as well. I am so appreciative of the beautiful gifts I received from this experience. B.M., LMFT

Monique has a wealth of wisdom and experience that shows up with her every place. I’ve really enjoyed and learned a lot in the Shamanic Psychotherapy class. Great reading list and good teaching structure. Demonstrations that really bring it home, and show how to make this work in the real world. Monique is very in touch with her students, and makes it a safe that’s also very educational and fun. Mark H., Coach

Thank you Monique for such wonderful teachings, a profoundly nourishing and beautiful experience. Such a welcome holding in this moment and in such a stark contrast to the overwhelming noise of potential online learning experiences, blindly promising to deliver “must have” knowledge from a place of lack. What a truly amazing gift to just be in the knowing. Fiona J. England

A practical and insightful training in incorporating the healing power of shamanism into psychotherapeutic work with any client. Paul S., LCSW, Newton, M.A.  

Instructor: Monique Lang, LCSW, has been a psychotherapist in private practice since 1980. In addition to shamanism, she originally trained in psychoanalysis and currently utilizes mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, Reiki, Sensorimotor psychotherapy, and the Comprehensive Resource Model. She has been a presenter at Kripalu, Omega, New York Open Center as well as many professional conferences.

Feel free to contact me at Moniquelanglcsw@gmail.com

Book recommendations on the subject of shamanism are difficult as they are typically written by white people who have studied with traditional shamans and healers. Much of shamanistic practice is typically transmitted through the oral tradition. While it can be helpful to read these accounts, it is vital to learn to listen to yourself and be guided by your intuition.

Boyd, Doug – Mad Bear or Rolling Thunder
Harner, Michael- The way of the Shaman
Ingerman , Sandra- Soul Retrieval – Healing the fragmented self
Lame Dear & Richard Erdoes – The gift or Power
Lang, Monique – Meditations & Ceremonies for Healing
Lang, Monique – Healing from Post Traumatic Stress
Mails, Thomas E- Fools Crow
Mangana, Sergio – Caves of Power: Ancient Energy Techniques for Healing, Rejuvenation & Manifestation
McGaa, Ed – Mother Earth Spirituality
Perkins, John – Touching the Jaguar
Prechtel, Martin – Secrets of the Talking Jaguar: Memoirs from the Living Heart of a Mayan Village
Sams, Jamie – The Original 13 Clan Mothers
Some, Malidoma Patrice – Of Water & the Spirit
Some, Malidoma Patrice – Ritual- Power, Healing and Community
Tafur, Joseph MD – The Fellowship of the River
Villoldo, Alberto – Shaman Healer Sage
Wesselman, Hank – The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman

Interesting talks Marc Plotkin – YouTube



My Work

“My goal is to help the people I work with become their clear, loving, authentic, creative, fearless Self. To shed the masks acquired for survival from turbulent, arid or hostile environments and to release the projections of who/what others want them to be.”


“Monique provides a rare and valuable mix of the solid and pragmatic together with deep spiritual and esoteric insight. The playful and generous style of her relationship with her supervisees creates a trusting environment for open exploration in supervision, and provides a beautiful model to emulate with clients. 


“I have been a client of Monique Lang’s for about a year. Through my work with Monique I have gained a significant amount of clarity surrounding who I am and what I truly want from life. I don’t believe I could have gotten this far this quickly with another guide. This work we have done has improved my life tremendously. The entire experience has been and continues to be a blessing. Thanks Monique, for everything. “

- Stacie J

“Participating in one of Monique’s workshops was a joy! Monique created an environment that was educational, playful, spirited and engaging. Her intuitive and unique style had me immediately connecting with myself and then with other workshop members. I left knowing that I had grown both personally and professionally. I can’t wait for the next!”

- Linda