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Thinking Mind

It is the nature of the mind to think. However, quite often our thoughts go on and on without allowing us a moment of rest.
This meditation offers you a way to calm the mind and to let go of thoughts, particularly those repetitive thoughts that actually don’t serve us and just keep us worried and anxious.
As you sit quietly, become aware of the thoughts coursing through your mind.
Ask the part of you that thinks constantly whether it would be willing to show itself.
How old is it?
How did it get created?
How does it serve you?
Did it come about to protect you in some way?
What does that part believe would happen if it did not keep you so occupied?
How do you feel towards it?

Take a couple of minutes to be with that part and hear it out.

Now ask that part whether it would be willing to step back and allow you to just be.
Notice any other parts that have concerns about not thinking.

Ask them to step back for a little while as well, reassuring them that you will return your attention to them when you are finished with the present meditation.

Observe what happens if those parts actually move aside for a bit.
Take a minute or so to perceive what it’s like to not be thinking.​

Thank your thinking parts for their willingness to show up and to give you a little space.
Ask them whether they would be amenable to giving you some leeway in your everyday life, and/or whether they would acquiesce to letting you do this practice again.

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